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About the Pine Hill Subdivision

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The following information is primarily for those in our subdivision who have purchased their homes since 1990 and to all owners who are not quite familiar with our neighborhood association.

Pine Hill Subdivision, originally comprised of 89 homes, was developed in the early 1950s by Robertson Jamieson Co, now known as Robertson Brothers. The Pine Hill Civic improvement Association was chartered, February 9, 1953 and the charter was renewed in 1983 to expire on February 24, 2013.  The stated purpose for which the association was formed was "to promote the public  safety, moral and general welfare and to operate a private water system for the benefit of members of  the association".

The water system consisted of two wells located in the northwest corner of Wattles and Walnut Hill Drive, with mains serving all the homes in the subdivision. Dues were assessed to all members to cover the cost of obtaining and delivering the water and to maintain the well equipment and mains.  In addition, other major expenses were insurance, road chloriding, electricity and accounting just to name a few.

In 1968 the City of Troy assumed the responsibility for supplying water to the subdivision.  At considerable expense to the association, the wells were dismantled and the structures housing them were removed.  As the cost of the water service and other related expenses were eliminated, the collection of substantially reduced dues became a problem.  Funds were needed to maintain the former well site out lot, maintaining our corporate existence and other minor expenses.  As funds in the treasury were depleted, several members attempted to keep the lot from becoming an eye sore. It became quite obvious, however, due to the high water table and uneven terrain that professional lawn service was necessary.  The City of Troy mandated that the lot had to be kept mowed or they would periodically cut the grass and bill the association.  To make matters worse, no dues were being collected and our financial condition had worsened.

The association, as an ongoing entity,  gradually became inactive and for a short period lost its charter.  A committee of members was formed to determine the proper action to resolve the cash situation and the pressing problem of properly maintaining the out lot.  It should be noted that a warranty deed executed on May 8, 1953 stipulated, in effect, if the outlot was no longer a well site or used as a private park, the lot would be required to be returned to the  developer.  After much discussion, this committee, with legal assistance, initiated extensive negotiations with Robertson Brothers.  As a result, with signed approval of the majority of the owners in the subdivision, it was agreed to deed the outlot back to Robertson Brothers.  Although it was not required to do so, Robertson Brothers contributed $10,000 to the association.  This was a “Win-Win” deal for all concerned. This transaction was finalized on April 26, 1990.  Since that time no dues have been requested or needed.

By Dick Thomas

Halloween “Trick or treating"

For those who are new to the subdivision, for over sixty years it has been a tradition in the Pine Hill Subdivision to have Halloween "Trick or Treating" on the Saturday before Halloween. 

When this practice was started the Subdivision hosted a party and a parade on the lot where the water wells were located.  Following the party the subdivision’s kids did their “Trick or Treating".

The parties died out after the City of Troy took over the responsibility for providing water for the subdivision.  This resulted in a significant decrease in dues being collected from the residents.  This made far less money available for parties.  Also,  most of the neighborhood kids of that time had grown up and were no longer interested in Halloween parties.  It has been over 40 years since the last Pine Hill Halloween party.  Yet the Saturday "Trick or Treating" tradition still lives on.

Another reason for Saturday "Trick or Treating" was that the kids would never have school the next day.

A recent informal poll of some of our neighbors showed that most are still in favor of this practice. 

Thanks for your cooperation. 


For historical information about the Pine Hill Subdivision's Civic Improvement Association, check out the last page of our Fall 2007 Newsletter.


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